How to find- Mrs. Wenstrand’s Computer Page

February 26, 2014


Today our class visited the computer lab.  I wanted to send you the directions of how to find my page if you are not on my teacher blog.

  1. Visit the Valley View Web Page
  2. Click on Resources
  3. Click on Useful links
  4. Click on my photo

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Wenstrand’s Computer Lab

February 26, 2014


Today I spent the day in a technology training.  It was very well done and I learned so much.  I have added a link to a new page I created.  The links I have included on the page are meant to enrich your child’s learning.  I hope you will take the time to explore the page and have fun learning.

Click HERE to enter Mrs. Wenstrand’s Computer Lab

Skip Count Songs 2s, 5s, and 10s

February 5, 2014

Today the students had fun practicing the skip count songs that are located on my blog.  Look under learning videos.  You can also find more on  your own.  U-tube is a great resource.  Happy Counting!


January 7, 2014

Good Morning!  I wanted to let you know that I am at a district meeting today.  I have left plans and the substitute is ready for  a great day.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.  If you have any questions please email me.  Thank you

KA Reminders

December 18, 2013


Dear Families,  This week we have had lots of fun learning about, holidays around the world.  Please take the time to talk to your child and hear what they have learned.   Below is a list of important reminders.  If you have any questions, please email me.

  1. Friday all students are early birds.  8:15-11:35.  We will be having our holiday party so students do not need a snack.   All students are welcome to wear PJs.  Please send your child in  their normal shoes….not slippers.  Thank you, we will need them for our recess time.
  2. Food Drive-  Thank you to everyone who has sent in food for our class food drive.  There is still time to send in nonperishable foods.  We will be donating it to a local food bank.
  3. Today in your child’s Wednesday folder you will find two gifts. Please make sure to take them out of their backpacks.
  4. Enjoy the rest the holiday season!

Math Games

December 14, 2013

This week in class we learned a new math game, Greater Than-Less Than.  It is similar to the tradional game we all know as, War.  I made adjustments so that it is kindergarten friendly.  I have written the list of materials and directions below.  These same sets of cards can be used to play other games.


  • 2 sets of number cards to 30.  -After your child is able identify numbers to 1-30 (out of order)  you can go ahead and add  higher numbers 31-100.
  • You can purchase packs of number cards at various stores or you can make your own using index cards.


  • Have each player randomly grab 10 cards from a bag or bucket.
  • Make a  face down pile of  your cards.
  • Turn one card over at a time.
  • The highest card wins that round. The player takes both cards, adding them to their pile.
  • If there is a tie and the nubmers are equal then each player needs to turn over another card.  The highest card in this flip is the winner of all 4 cards.
  • A variation of the game:  Have the focus be that  winner of each round has the smallest number.

Other games you can play with the same sets of cards:

  • Concentration
  • Go Fish
  • Lining up the numbers in order.
  • Number Hunt.  Hang up the numbers around your house.   Then have your child go on a number hunt.  For example say:  ” Can you find the #27″  After they locate that number, place it in a number line.  Do this until all the numbers have been found.

Making Math Fun!

December 14, 2013

Last week we had lots of fun learning about measurement and number sense.   The students participated in a station where they measured candy canes using pennies, unifix cubes, tiles, paperclips and beans.   First, they lined up the item next to the candy cane.  Then, they counted how many of each item.  After that, they transferred their information to a math sheet.  We discussed what they had done and identified which one had the most, which one had the least and if any were items were equal.  We came to the conclusion that the smallest item, the bean, had the highest number because it was the smallest.  Please take the time to review what they learned.  The math sheet went home in their backpacks.  Happy counting!

Learning through Legos

December 14, 2013

A special THANK YOU goes out to Angela Caicedo for teaching our class about Robotics.  Angela is a parent from Mrs. Lacey’s class, who took time out of her day to share with the students about her work.    We learned had fun learning about a new type of technology while playing with Legos.  If any other parent is interested in giving a small presentation, we would love it!  Thank you again Mrs. Caicedo!

December Song

December 11, 2013

gingerbread manI have posted the December song.  It may be located under Monthly Songs.  Enjoy =)

Important Notes:

December 11, 2013

Below are a few important news updates:

  1. Today our class was given the district screening for vision and hearing.  The class did great!
  2. The Book Fair is taking place.  Our class will visit the Book Fair on Thursday.  If you would like to go before Thursday…that is fine.
  3. We will not be going to the library this week due to the book fair.
  4. December 20th is our holiday party.  All students are early birds and can come to school in PJs.   There will be a sign up sheet for the party later this week.  If you are able to volunteer for a station please let me know. Stations run from 8:15-10:00.
  5. Thank you for all parents and grandparents that have been volunteering in class!  It makes a huge difference!


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